THE A.R.T. Survival Guide

March 17, 2017

Albuquerque Rapid Transit:

Lost Income &
Wavering Promises


Many need help with decreased sales

  • The Albuquerque free press weekly reported that "Two separate groups of residents and business owners filed lawsuits Monday–one in federal court, and one in state District Court–to stop Mayor Richard Berry’s $119 million Albuquerque Rapid Transit Project.


The Albuquerque Free Press also reported that businesses on Historic Central Avenue would be adversely effected by the construction

  • "The proposed corridor will require at least 18 months of construction, which will devastate local businesses along the corridor and eliminate their access to customers during construction and after construction, as the project will prohibit left hand turns on Central Avenue.”

You need help with making your VOICE heard

  • The next mayor of Albuquerque will own the fallout of the A.R.T. construction.

  • Do you have a relationship with your representatives so that you can make direct connections and get the business assistance we all feel the city owes you for negatively impacting your revenue streams.


Call or Email us now - or 505.307.9313


What can I expect?

  • A Free consultation

  • A FREE Market analysis of your organization

  • Assurance that P/T MKTG will provide great local service, a listening ear and a strong plan for success.

ASK about our business hardship discount for companies that have lost a lot during the ART construction cavalcade.


Want to voice your opinion on the A.R.T. situation? See our Facebook thread.




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