P/T MKTG 2018: #TogetHitched

January 18, 2018

















As young girls, most of us imagine what our dream wedding will be like. We imagine the colors, the flowers, the dresses and even the location. But, in the digital age, (at least for those of us who love documenting everything) we need to think of social media as a tool that can create our dream wedding. There is an interesting trend that in a few years, could shift even the most technologically traditional of brides onto something more social media focused. Social media has completely changed the way we judge "the perfect" wedding. The perfect wedding now has to actually look perfect. The guests have to tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Snap, etc. each and every perfect moment. Enter the wedding hashtag.


This very convenient idea is a great way to have guests feel like they are truly a part of the special day. It also gives you the chance to see your wedding through the lenses of your guests. The wedding hashtag also provides a simple, unique way to truly brand your special day. Who wouldn't want their wedding trending on Twitter all day? For those of us who break into a cold sweat at the thought of creating our own hashtags, there are even wedding hashtag generators. But for the brave few who are capable, there are a few tips to help you truly own your moment.


PTMKTG Tip 1: Think of your relationship and what makes it unique. What sets you and your special person apart? 


PTMKTG Tip 2: Bennifer? Brangelina? Do you and your future spouse have a cute moniker? Just add the date and hashtag done! 


PTMKTG Tip 3: Make sure your guests know to tag you and your sweetie with Instagram posts and the like! We're thinking username cards trimmed in gold on every guests' seat as a reminder but remind them before the actual day with the following:

  • Use your hashtag on the invitations and announcements (and when you announce on social media)

  • Use it to remember those crazy last single moments at the bachelor and bachelorette parties

  • Create a daily countdown to your special day and boost the hashtag with photos and social media posts that include it

I am sure there are plenty of other creative ways to get your wedding trending. Comment with your ideas for boosting the social media presence of your perfect wedding and other ways social media can help you craft your best day! 


For more check out A practical wedding’s website. https://apracticalwedding.com/wedding-hashtag/








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