P/T MKTG 2018: New Year, New strategies for Credit Unions Part 2

Like I said in my last blog post it’s a new year for new things. Big changes usually happen in the New Year so let’s start where we left off with the marketing strategy trends. What might your Credit Union Try?
PTMKTG Trend 7: Personalize Digital Experience
Embracing change is hard but this year we have got to try and embrace Artificial intelligence to help deliver an individual experience to customers.
PTMKTG Trend 8: Digital 1 on 1
Now we have face-time to do our 1 on 1 chats about things, this year might get more advanced in that direction using chatbot.
PTMKTG Trend 9: voice command with digital help
Voice searching is what millennial’s do if they need to know something they use their mobile devices and voice command to look it up right away. This year financial institutions might take advantage of the Voice Searching phenomenon.
PTMKTG Trend 10: Impulses
Making an effort to latch on to the impulses that customers tend to have. Look at the digital data and see what might cause these impulses or how you can tie in with them.
PTMKTG Trend 11: Video content
Video Advertising is growing and will become the new norm for marketing. Maybe add real Member stories to show and gain the trust of some millennial’s.
PTMKTG Trend 12: Getting Millennial’s
Millennial’s will be the future of these financial institutions because they will soon be the ones looking to open new accounts apply for loans and looking for credit where ever they may feel comfortable. They are the ones going to school or starting their families and will be looking for financial guidance.

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