P/T MKTG 2018: Print Publication Revival in the Digital Age

February 1, 2018

Most of us accept that we are in the digital age. So what does that mean for print publication? Will it be lost forever and can the digital age help revive it. As I read about print publication in the digital age I found that consumers are focused on quick updates regarding current news and politics. The culture has shifted in terms of how we consume information. We want to be involved in what goes on around us on a week to week or daily basis. Although print publication has gone down in recent years there may be a way the digital age can be a part of keeping it relevant.


Here are three suggestions for how the digital age can help:


PTMKTG Suggestion 1: Social Media

Utilize social media to pique readers' interest to go out and get a printed version.

PTMKTG Suggestion 2: Condensed Version

Put condensed versions of media on the web so that the printed version is a necessity.

PTMKTG Suggestion 3: Subscription Giveaways

Offer a subscription give away to keep readers engaged and attached to the print.  


Personally, I feel there is something about print that makes it easier to enjoy reading an article or a story. Following these suggestions would turn me (and readers like me) into full-time subscriptions and trigger the print revival for which we are all secretly holding out hope. 

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